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Our Client Pledge

We believe that client communication is key in making the client feel comfortable and secure. At Gahanian Law, PA, we know how frustrating it can be to have an attorney who is unreachable. That is why we strive to communicate clearly and frequently with all of our clients. We are available to answer questions and provide updates on your case during regular business hours.

This is a guarantee that we make to all of our clients:
If the attorney is available, she will speak to you when you call. If she is not available, she will call you back as soon as she becomes available. All calls are returned that day or the next business day and in no case more than three business days later barring extenuating circumstances.
In addition, we provide a client login portal to our case management software. Clients can login and receive updates on their case. They can view their file, view and upload documents, and send messages to the attorney and staff assigned to their case.  We believe that client communication is key in making the client feel comfortable and secure.

Practice Areas
  1. Bankruptcy
    Bankruptcy is sometimes viewed as “the easy way out.” But reality is that sometimes bankruptcy is the only way out. Talia Gahanian has years of experience dealing with people and families in your situation. I will evaluate your entire financial picture and help you decide if bankruptcy is the right choice for you. Most importantly, I will help you understand the benefits and consequences of filing so that you can make an educated decision. I will treat you with the compassion and understanding that you will not find in many other firms. I know that the decision to file bankruptcy is not an easy one. Gahanian Law, PA will guide you through this stressful situation with compassion and caring. Contact my office to schedule a free consultation.
  2. Homeowners Insurance Claims
    Homeowners file claims against their homeowners insurance for many reasons including wind damage to the roof, water damage, fire and theft. Insurance companies can make the claims process difficult and hard to understand. Gahanian Law, PA can guide you through the claim process and assure that your insurance company affords you the coverage provided for in your policy. In most cases, Gahanian Law, PA works on a contingency fee basis- that means that we do not take any money unless we get a recovery from your insurance company.
  3. Foreclosure Defense
    Gahanian Law, PA is a small firm dedicated to helping homeowners maintain their home-ownership. There are many ways to stop or reverse the foreclosure process. Among them are defending the foreclosure action, loan modification, and bankruptcy. We can help even before the house is in foreclosure. If you are having difficulty paying your mortgage, please give us a call right away. It is best to have a plan in place for the inevitable. The situation can be very stressful. Gahanian Law, PA will review your entire financial picture and help you move toward the best outcome. You will know that your house is in good hands with Talia as we provide you with the guidance you need to move toward financial security and stability. Call for a free consultation.
  4. Debt Settlement
    Gahanian Law, PA helps those that just need to make sure their legal rights are protected while negotiating a payment plan with creditors. I will attend the hearing, if one is scheduled, and file the appropriate documents with the court to protect your rights. I negotiate payment plans with creditors and assure that the law suit is resolved within the legal framework. All for a low one time fee. Call for to schedule a free consultation.


Home ownership is part of the American Dream. Unfortunately, the dream does not always go as smoothly as possible.
Owning a home can be a source of stress both financially and emotionally. Gahanian Law, PA can help with many of the stressful events that surround homeownership with compassion, caring, and patience. When financial difficulties arise, we can review your current financial situation and help you determine the best course of action.
We do not believe in causing more stress. That is why we offer free consultations either over the phone or in person.
You are one call away from stress relief!
About Talia Gahanian, Esq.
Talia graduated cum laude from Cleveland Marshall College of Law in 2007. She is licensed in both Ohio and Florida. She is a member of the American Bar Association and the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. In her free time, she is active in her local synagogue and enjoys hiking and going to the beach with her four children.